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Squirrel Bronx Factsheet

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Where do Squirrels Live?

Dependent upon the particular type of
Squirrel, the animal will live in certain favored habitats. Tree
Squirrels make nests on tree branches or inside the knots of trees.
Ground Squirrels will build their nests in tall brush or dark,
undisturbed areas.

Why Are Squirrels a Problem?

Squirrels are wonderful creatures, as
long as they haven't managed to break into your home. If they only
live outdoors, you don't have much of a problem, and may even
appreciate how they add to the scenery. Squirrels are a problem when
they find ways into your home. Generally, Squirrels establish a
presence inside the walls and roofs of homes by finding small cracks
that they can burrow into to build a nest.

Once Squirrels make it into your attic,
walls, or crawl space, they will start to treat the territory like
its their own. Squirrels will use your insulation and other material
as bedding, and they will tear into whatever they can sink their
claws into.

One of the most annoying things about a
Squirrel infestation is that the rodents will scurry and scrape
around your enclosed spaces all day and all night, making lots of
annoying noises.

How Can I Get Rid of Squirrels?

There are a few effective ways to get
rid of Squirrels. Squirrels do not like to nest in areas that are
noisy or bright. If you have Squirrels in your attic, try leaving a
cool-burning light on, or leave a radio on upstairs constantly
playing talk radio.

You can also purchase predator urine
and place it near problem entry-ways. They will smell the urine, and
it will scare them into choosing a safer home. Traps and baits do
work, but the last thing you want are dead Squirrels in your attic
when there are safer and smarter alternatives.

When boarding up holes, leave one path
open so that Squirrels can escape. Don't cover the hole until you are
certain that there are no more Squirrels hiding in your home.

How Can I Prevent Squirrels from
Entering My Home?

The easiest way to prevent Squirrels
from taking roost in your home is to make sure that there is no way
for them to get in. It only takes a four square inch hole for a
Squirrel to get inside. Take a good look at your attic, crawl space,
and the entire exterior of your home. Make sure everything is sealed

You can also create a perimeter around
your house where no tree branches or shrubs are within about five
feet of your home. That's how far that Squirrels can jump.

When Should I Call an Exterminator
for Squirrels?

If you aren't too keen on climbing into
your attic or crawlspace, or you simply want to quickly and
effectively get rid of the Squirrels as humanely as possible, an
Exterminator is your best bet. Exterminators can trap and remove
Squirrels from your home, then take steps to prevent your home from
becoming infested again.  


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